Spike Evans was brought up in Yorkshire. He devoted most of his twenties to lingering in education (well beyond any practical purpose), and a fairly decent portion of his thirties to paying off the comical debts he accrued during the preceding decade.

He has been marginally involved in a number of failed indie bands, writing and recording scores of largely unlistenable songs about being thwarted in love. This thankfully came to an end when he met his wife-to-be, Jo, with whom he lives below Luton airport's approach flightpath, in a tiny terraced house, with their cat, Fred. Every now and then Spike threatens to 'get back into' music – he recently acquired a banjo – but nothing substantial has come of it yet.

Fred inspects some early proofs of 'Single To Morden'

The inspiration for 'Single To Morden', Spike's first novel, came to him while living at the end of the Jubilee Line. A yarn about tracking someone down in the vastness of London – and, particularly, visiting every station on a Tube line en route – struck him as precisely the sort of thing he'd like to read himself.

Since finishing 'Morden', Spike has been working on two not-quite-sequels, 'Cheek' and 'Apeman'.

When he is not writing or playing the banjo, Spike tinkers with elderly cars (mostly to no useful effect). If Single To Morden makes any money, his first intention is to invest in some decent dentistry.