...erm... isn't free any more. Which means:

i) You got 'im when 'ee WAS free (go, you!!)
ii) You let that bad boy get away (d'oh..!!)
- or -
iii) You never knew it was free in the first place (it was - sorry)

Anyway, anyway... you're here now (hello), and since (by my
estimation) 7,999,999,942 of the world's population FAILED to
download a free copy of 'Cheek', I've decided to make it dead,
dead cheap for a few weeks - 99p to you, guv.

Please do bear in mind, of course, that this represents (in the words
of my vastly over-paid accountant, Mr Maychayne) 'complete and utter
commercial suicide, Mr Evans!' - so I might change my mind at any
moment. After all - that bungalow in the Outer Hebrides isn't going
to buy itself, is it..?

For the time being, then, feel free to lavish a cheap 'Cheek' upon
yourself - it's still the lark-along page-turner it was when it was
free. Find it here (if you live in dear old Blighty)
or here (if you're domiciled across The Pond).


Love to all...

Spike xx (August 12th, 2015)