The following excerpts were bits of Single To Morden that never made it to publication. Sometimes this was simply an issue of space, but more often it was because the storyline or its emphasis shifted, or because something happened to a real-life location that meant it could no longer be included.

For the truly devoted only, then, please find below eight bits of Single To Morden from a parallel universe... which (lest the pulsating warning, above, hasn't quite done its job...) will spoil the novel for you, if you haven't read it first.

So - in no particular order - here we go...

1. South Wimbledon - Tim attempts to restore his karma by doing a good deed for a stranger.

2. East Finchley - Tim accidentally explores the parameters of his sexuality thanks to one of Seb's pranks.

3. Warren Street - Tim gives a market researcher cause to worry when he's interviewed outside a Tube station.

4. Chalk Farm - Tim tries - and fails - to join the local library.

5. Clapham Common - Tim tries to lie low in the back of a language school's free 'taster' lesson.

6. Waterloo - (drafted when it was still the Eurostar terminal) - Tim enjoys a whiff of Parisian sophistication in Le Grand Cafe, on the station concourse.

7. Bank - A section of the Tim/Sarah back story, from when they were at university.

8. Angel - Jeremy falls victim to a honey trap in the shape of a Christian theatre troupe performing in the Brunswick Centre.

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